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Maui Excellent Volcano Oil Roll-on bottle laying on tropical flowers

Customer Praise for Volcano Oil


“During a long surgery I put Volcano Oil™ on my neck to keep my head clear and I never go into surgery without it. I even recommend it to patients for pain management.” ~Dr. Charles Soma, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon. Maui, HI


"I love the Volcano Oil! It helps with my pain so much. Thank you." Dorothy G., Maui, HI


"Good Morning! I purchased your product last summer on the Island of Kauai. I have some torn ligaments in my shoulders and knees and I am always looking for a natural pain reliever and doesn't smell awful, burn my skin, and that lasts longer than ten minutes. This product is a miracle worker. Not only is it amazing for pain, it is not greasy, doesn't smell bad, and lasts for majority of my day. I am amazed by is how well it helps with tension headaches. I get them SO badly and last night I couldn't open my eyes or pick my head up. My husband said 'why not try your Volcano Oil'. I did and it cut my pain in half! I put it on again this morning and the lasting feelings of my tension headache had vanished.  

THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating such an amazing, life changing product. I will most definitely be purchasing more bottles!!!!"Erica L., Tampa, FL


 "I love this product.  It offers much relief to sore muscles and arthritic joints."  - Cathy S., Oahu, HI


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