Maui Excellent™ Testimonials

“During a long surgery I put Volcano Oil™ on my neck to keep my head clear and I never go into surgery without it. I even sell it in my office for pain management.” ~Dr. Charles Soma, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon. Maui, Hawaii


I am writing you this letter to say Thank you. I ordered your Volcano Oil™ Set for my mother and myself. My mother is 86 yrs. old. She has a lot of hurts all over her body. We got your product in a store in Monterey, CA. On our way home she rubbed a little bit on her right knee. Within 5min. her knee was no longer hurting. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I get migraines really badly. I put it on my temples and the small of my neck and I forgot about it. 15 minutes later, my husband asked about my headache; it was gone! This product you have is Magic! Awesome Product ! Thank you over and over again. Many thank you’s. ~ Karen M. Monterey, Ca.


Aloha Artie! I just received a parcel from you. It was very quick even though I live in the centre of Osaka. I was expecting to wait something like a week!

Also thank you very much for the things. It was plenty and it was very nice of you. I opened and smell and tried them. They are very nice. Especially the bath salt smelled very nice. I will try them tonight.

Last night I was at my friends party and one girl noticed me and asked me about the scent. Next time probably I order for my friends as well. Anyway thank you all very much for your kind support. See you then at my next order! Best Regards, ~ Yuki Y. Osaka, Japan


Just wanted to say Happy Holiday to everyone at Maui Excellent™.

I've been purchasing your products, particularly your Pikake products since 2002 and cannot tell you how many compliments I'm always getting, so I thought I would share my latest with you.

After 16 years together, my husband and I find ourselves starting a family, (I'm due 1/1/11). Having children really never crossed our minds and I was a little nervous about the amount of stretch marks I would be getting and the darkness of them as well. After trying the Palmers coco butter and finding out that I'm allergic to it, I decided to start mixing together the Alaffia handcrafted "unscented" shea butter and your Pikake massage oil. I did get some light stretch marks but very, very light and not much on my stomach. I love the two products mixed together and they work very well together as a "belly butter" for pregnant women.

I also found myself being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, fortunately I've been able to control it with diet alone. Needless-to-say however, I still have to go to the hospital twice a week for non-stress tests. Every nurse who ends up hooking me up to the monitors always complements me on my scent. How much they really enjoy the light, flowery smell. I always refer them to your website.

Keep up the great work on all your products. Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Years. Sincerely, ~ Isabelle D. Phoenix, AZ


SUCH a great find! Well, actually, I was introduced to this company, by the owner herself! A really genuine person who offers fantastic products. The Volcano Oil™/Gel line is AMAZING - a total necessity! The Pikake oil smells beautiful and is a great and economic alternative to perfume. All the products are great, but if you were trying to decide on just one thing, I'd suggest the gels because they penetrate the skin deeply and aren't sticky like other products so you never have to worry about ruining your clothes when you use it. The prices are very reasonable, PLUS even though the business is located in Hawaii, you'll get your shipment within 5 days! Very happy and fortunate to have meet Helen Cummings and I thank her with this review! ~Maddy, Seattle, Wa.


Aloha: Thank you so much for taking time out your day to contact me about my daughter . I saw your line all over Maui, and we purchased at Down to Earth. I cannot explain how much my daughter looks forward to taking a shower these days lol . She loves the Aloe Lavender blend and it doesn’t annoy her like other products - soothes her legs and feet! ~ Robyn S. Miami,Florida

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Never tested on animals. No distilled or artificial ingredients and NO GMO's ever used. No mineral oil. No alcohols or chemical fillers. Always delicate, essential oil scents – no perfumes.

Truly all-natural essential oils and precious Hawaiian ingredients
like Kukui Nut, Macadamia Nut, Tamanu Oil, and Noni Juice!

Made in Maui, Hawaii, USA.