About Us

“ I have put everything I know into my products. My intention is that they bring relief, healing, soothing, relaxation and thereby, transform. I use the finest ingredients available in aromatherapy-infused formulas. These products cannot be duplicated and stand alone in their effectiveness. I created them to enhance your quality of life!’ ~Helen Cummings, LMT, MAT 3632 Principal Rehabilitation Massage Therapist and Teacher

Helen Cummings, clinical massage rehabilitation therapist and teacher since 1981, is the creator and founder of the Maui Excellent™ Product Line. As a teacher and adviser to the Hawaii State Board of Massage Therapy, Helen has taught accreditation classes and apprenticed eight therapists for licensing since 2001.

In her practice located on the island of Maui, Back to Center Massage, is a highly-sought after therapist working with orthopedic surgeons for both pre and post op surgery. She advises on alkaline diet to support and speed the client’s healing and her specialties include scar-adhesion therapy, postural re-training and alignment awareness.

It is from this intense study and practice that she formulated her one-of-a-kind, all-natural, aromatherapy products that range from pain management, to soothing creams and facial and skin rejuvenation treatments. These products are now used by health and wellness professionals, as well as thousands of consumers across Hawaii and the mainland


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Never tested on animals. No distilled or artificial ingredients and NO GMO's ever used. No mineral oil. No alcohols or chemical fillers. Always delicate, essential oil scents – no perfumes.

Truly all-natural essential oils and precious Hawaiian ingredients
like Kukui Nut, Macadamia Nut, Tamanu Oil, and Noni Juice!

Made in Maui, Hawaii, USA.